Gold award

A share in a Horizon Interactive gold award for an instructional video on how to launch a free-fall lifeboat safely.

“How does that sound?”

Two series of e-learning drama scenarios for a bank’s mortgage advisors and for branch staff on how managers can help their teams deal effectively with particular customer needs.


Two accidents with buses, each one candidly described by actors playing three of the bus company staff involved, as part of safety training for bus drivers.

Fatigue and stress at sea

I recently finished writing a trainer’s guide that complemented a film on the silent hazards of fatigue and stress on board ship – how to recognise the symptoms and what can be done to address the  problems.

Six characters in search of an author

For an energy company, I’ve been writing scripts for films introducing six fictional characters who feature in a training programme for new Team Leaders and are about to work together as a team for the first time. To bring them to life, I had to differentiate each person’s speech style from the others and decide…

Return to work interviews

How do you manage a return to work interview with someone who keeps going off sick? For these energy company training films I wrote a  ‘how to’ scenario showing the wise manager digging deeper in the conversation until they’d arrived at the real reason for the sickies, and a ‘how not to’ scenario with a…

How our eyes age

I’ve written three training film modules for opticians about how they can adapt their usual routine for, and behaviour towards, elderly patients, both when they come into practice and when visiting them at home or in a nursing home.