Finance made simple

A building society needed a series of 30-45″ films that business managers could show customers. The purpose: to provide short, succinct explanations about products and to make sure they were in compliance with financial regulations. I wrote 14 scripts for these simple animated graphics films.

Changing clusters

There are times when a CEO just has to speak directly to their employees. An imminent radical change to business clusters in order to increase competitiveness was one such topic to be included in an international packaging company’s quarterly news programme. The tone of the script – delivered partly on autocue and partly in voiceover…

Down the plughole

A series of animations on what happens to waste water when it leaves our house, and a short history of a sanitation. The clips formed part of a presentation for a water company.


To write a series of employee engagement films about how managers (in an oil company) can inspire their teams, I interviewed some candidates about key moments or people in their lives and wove their personal stories into scripts. The director then created original films out of the stories through the use of unusual, even dream…

How do you learn?

Different people learn in different ways. When an oil company wanted to showcase its new online learning resource centre to employees, they chose an animation with several characters who use the centre for different purposes and each find what they need. I scripted the 2-minute film.

Heroes 2

Research and scripts for another series of short films commissioned by a multinational celebrating the achievements of employees. Stories included a sales manager who saved the life of a colleague during a flash flood in Turkey, and a project manager running a program that encourages women in deep rural Pakistan to start their own businesses.

Safe working in mines

  Mining is one of the world’s most dangerous businesses so it’s not surprising that safety is  paramount. I was asked to create collateral for an international mining company’s safety event: posters, and a detailed guide for the facilitators with ideas for activities and discussions during the session.

Lending for the 21st century

£ An animation explaining to a bank’s employees how the mortgage lending journey has become simpler and smoother for customers, through a combination of technology and improved service.